Soldier number zero-هاشور

Soldier number zero

75 minute

language: Farsi | Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

A man named "Jehangir Poreh" goes to his veteran's file because of his wife's illness, but he realizes that during the war, the hospital where the bed was was attacked by the enemy and the documents of his file are destroyed. Jahangir's wife has been suffering from epilepsy for many years and has several exacerbations daily, but Jahangir has no problem doing anything for her due to the high treatment and financial problems. He must prove his presence and injury in the war to complete the veteran's file and submit it to the commission in order to receive the percentage of sacrifice to use the medical service book.


Mohammad Salimirad


Mohammad Salimirad


Mohammad Salimirad

Camera Man:

Mohammad Salimirad


Hooshang Mirzaei


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