About Hashure
Hashure platform has screened artistic, experimental short films and online documentaries since 2017. In Hashure, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality movies, regardless of location or financial situation. Hashure, as the first online film-screening platform, was formed around the same idea and has provided the ability to screen movies simultaneously all around the world.
However, Iranian art and culture can reach a global audience. Talented filmmakers turned rare subjects worthy of our attention into tangible ideas screened on the world stage. Zarak Part Co., Branded as "Hashure", using the VOD platform, is a place to flourish the same talents and by relying on them, we've been able to walk our vicissitudinous path without any help from others.
Screening movies online has many advantages. Among other things, the audience can enjoy watching their favourite movie at any time of the day and anywhere. This advantage helps filmmakers to attract more audiences to their movies. On the other hand, documentaries and experimental or short films are available to a wider range of audiences. In addition to showing the films of independent filmmakers, our cooperation with the Center for the Development of Documentary and Experimental Cinema has made it possible to show all the films produced by this center.
In holding online festivals, Hashure cooperates with the International Festival of Children and Youth Films, Tehran International Short Film Festival, International Reality Cinema Festival, Razavi Festival, Yadgar Festival, Tehran Puppet Festival, and Earth Festival. Also, in these years, we cooperated with many art institutions to hold online the European Film Week, the Italian Film Week, the Selfie Film Festival, and the Corona Special Film Festival. These collaborations have brought together a collection of new and spectacular movies for our audience.
Film is a powerful medium that can help change people's perspectives and ultimately change the world around us. For this reason, we are committed to provide the best possible experience for watching movies, and we use all our power in this direction. Ultimately, we hope the Hashure platform will keep all movie lovers together and empathetic.