About Hashure

Hashure is an on-demand display network (VOD) that enables the user to deliver the content they want instantly anywhere on a mobile phone, tablet, PC and home TV with excellent quality. Today, with the spread of the Internet and communication networks, the technology of the display method has changed completely and the habit of watching video is changing. Because Internet access is becoming easier and more widespread every day and its costs are decreasing. Hashure Publishing: In order to advance cultural goals, it has decided to create and launch specialized networks focusing on local content and products. In this regard, by obtaining the necessary legal permits from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Radio Regulatory Organization with Creating the necessary infrastructure to operate in the virtual world in this fledgling field in the country is a step forward. Hashure Network, the comprehensive network of Hashure Network, by providing suitable platforms, tries to collect a diverse and rich collection of Iranian and world cinematic works, serials, theater, music, concerts, festivals and important events, education, as well as a special collection for children.