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Iran, Southwest "This documentary is the life story of the last inhabitants of Hur al-Azim. With the discovery and digging of the Azadegan oil field and the construction of the Karkheh Dam, a large part of the" Hur al-Azim "wetland located in this area was destroyed.
With the drying up of this wetland, the only economic source of the people of this region was transformed and caused the migration of many Horneshians to the neighboring cities.
This documentary introduces the audience to one of the most beautiful and magical wetlands in the world and explains the reasons for its drying up, which is more than 90% of human structures and their activities, but the small remnants of the wetland still have a unique beauty for tourists. .


Mohammadreza Fartousi, Mohammadreza Jamei


Mohammadreza Fartousi


Mohammadreza Fartousi

Camera Man:

Reza Abiat


Mohammadreza Fartousi


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