incredible Encountersincredible Encounters

Ticket Buying Guide

You can now buy tickets for the movie "incredible Encounters" and watch this movie on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Buy tickets inside Iran: Those who have the ability to pay online from inside Iran with valid bank cards.

Buy tickets outside of Iran: For those who can pay the equivalent in the currency of their country of residence online with a bank card of the country of origin or PayPal.

With the purchase of each ticket, a special code will be sent to you, and by entering that code and clicking on the "View" button on the "incredible Encounters" screen, you can watch a movie during the screening.

Note: After entering the ticket code, you have the opportunity to watch the movie for 7 hours, and if the specified time expires, it is not possible to watch the movie.

incredible Encounters

91 minute

language: Farsi | Iran |

Amazing Meetings are short sequences of hypothetical meetings of characters you more or less know.
From Shakespeare to Tolstoy and from Borges to the Dalai Lama. From Anakarina's complaint with her creator Tolstoy about love and death to Stephen Hawking's challenge to Einstein and Charlize Theron over the dimensions, and Jerry Lewis's argument with Balthazar about environmental pollution and the angels' concern about the destruction of the earth. Everyone is present in this film, and behind all these questions and conversations, sometimes deep and philosophical, and sometimes humorous and romantic, a basic idea is strengthened. Will history repeat itself? Will the evil force win the game? Or is there still hope to live on this planet?


Mehdi Arjmand


Mehdi Arjmand


Mehdi Arjmand


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