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The Uninvited Guest is the name of one of the most controversial works by French writer, philosopher and playwright Eric Emmanuel Schmidt.
The uninvited guest is caught up in World War II. Dr. Freud and his daughter Anna, despite being Jewish, have immunity and can leave the country and take refuge in a safe place. Dr. Freud is challenged to accept this offer. Leaving one's homeland and leaving people alone to be killed simply is not a decision that Dr. Freud can easily make.
But the Uninvited Guest play really begins when an unknown person who introduces himself as God appears to Dr. Freud.


Shahab Hoseini


Alireza Saatchian

Executive Director:

Ahmad Saatchian

Art director:

Shahab Hoseini

Scene Designer:

Manouchehr Shojae


Omid Razi

First Assistant Director and Public Relations Manager:

Maryam Sepehri

production manager:

Mahmoud Akbarshahi

Second Assistant Director:

Fatemeh Arab Kermani


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