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language: Farsi | Iran |

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With the spread of the corona virus and the increase in the number of people infected with it in Iran, two floors of a hospital under construction have been chosen to admit patients with the corona virus. The old hospital does not have enough capacity to admit the patients with the corona virus, so the hospital building Under construction, it was used for admitting patients. The construction of this hospital has been started for many years, but for various reasons, like many projects, there was no comprehensive planning for it, and its construction took more than 9 years. Builders have to prepare two floors of this hospital in 20 days.


Kambiz Saffari, Gelareh Kiazand, Reza Pakravan, Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Farzad Jafari


Kambiz Saffari, Gelareh Kiazand

Camera Man:

Gelareh Kiazand


Kambiz Saffari


Navid Mehr


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