108 minutes of a century108 minutes of a century

Ticket Buying Guide

You can now buy tickets for the movie "108 minutes of a century" and watch this movie on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Buy tickets inside Iran: Those who have the ability to pay online from inside Iran with valid bank cards.

Buy tickets outside of Iran: For those who can pay the equivalent in the currency of their country of residence online with a bank card of the country of origin or PayPal.

With the purchase of each ticket, a special code will be sent to you, and by entering that code and clicking on the "View" button on the "108 minutes of a century" screen, you can watch a movie during the screening.

Note: After entering the ticket code, you have the opportunity to watch the movie for 7 hours, and if the specified time expires, it is not possible to watch the movie.

108 minutes of a century

108 minute

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Store: It is the story of Afghan workers who have entered the country illegally and are working in a paper waste warehouse, until a murder takes place among them and they challenge everyone ...
Hole: A war soldier enters a war camp to collect booty, and inadvertently makes a mistake and provokes a negative dimension within it until
Next: The story of this film is about a photographer who shapes all his clients and takes pictures of them. But in the face of a customer, he has a problem
is not: A girl named Mojgan is doing her job to leave Iran and an old man named Rostam tries to keep Iran alive
Rahana: It is about the daughter of a Syrian sniper named Rahana who was able to kill a large number of ISIL forces ...
The role of Rahana in this film is played by Sadaf Espahbodi and Alireza Mehran - Pouria Ghasemipour - Mohsen Sadeghi - Ali Sangini - Abdolreza Ashtiani - Hossein Valizadeh
I am not him: Andre will be released from prison sooner than the end of his sentence for good behavior. His wife, Julia, contacted the prison to find out about his release. Eager to meet his wife, he prepares the house to welcome her.


Hossein Turk Josh, Zahra Turkmanlou, Saeed Sadeghi Sararoudi, Ali Mianji, Kazem Daneshi, Pouya Mamqani


Somayeh Kari and Hossein Turkjosh, Nader Jalali, Saeed Sadeghi Sararoudi, Ali Mianji, Mustafa Agha Mohammadlu Kazem Daneshi, Anton Menshikov and Yulia Ilyinko


Shima Esmaeili and Hossein Turk Josh, Zahra Turkmanloo, Saeed Sadeghi Sararoudi, Ali Mianji, Mohammad Mansoobi and Kazem Daneshi, Azadeh Abbasi


Mohammad Teymouri, Amir Atminan, Saeed Sadeghi Sararoudi, Ehsan Vaseqi, Soroush Hazrati

Camera Man:

Mahmoud Atashani, Hamid Mehrafrooz, Yaser Agha Amini, Shahin Shirzadi, Soroush Hazrati, Yorgos Batmanidis


Hashem Zangi, Morteza Mohammadpour, Farrokh Fadaei, Yasser Ramezani, Ahmad Saberi and Hamed Hosseinzadeh


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