Two points forty-seven-هاشور

Two points forty-seven

Iran |

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The documentary “Two points forty-seven” is about the life of Morteza Mehrzad who is the tallest Iranian man due to his excessive growth. With a height of 2.47 m, he is the second tallest person in the world. Morteza Mehrdad is trying to reach the sitting volleyball national team. Morteza suffers from uneven leg bones. After going to the doctor, they suggest height increase surgery using the osteotomy (bone cutting) method, which is performed on both legs or thighs. The doctor tells Morteza that if the operation to increase the bone length of one leg is done, he will not be able to continue his sports exercises due to the necessary care and the length of the treatment. Morteza finally chooses between surgery and participation in competitions and training, participation in competitions and makes his way to the Paralympic competitions.


Arash Lahouti, Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Arash Lahouti

Camera Man:

Mohammad Hadadi


Arash Lahouti


Saeed Goodarzi


Arash Lahouti


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