Two Fiddles-هاشور

Two Fiddles

42 minute


language: Farsi | Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

Two Fiddles is the story of two men who both play the fiddle and are fifty years old. Both are at the peak of their professional skills, one is struggling in poverty, and the other is in the arms of happiness. Hearing two fiddle songs from two different people. One with hope and satisfaction, with the ability to adapt the old music to the atmosphere of his time, the other, however, is a man from the Turkmen port who is frustrated and dissatisfied with his situation. He inherits the ancient melody of the past from the failures and obstacles in his way. He is trying to get what he deserves. With what attitude did each of them cross the road of life, reaching two different destinations? 


Marjane Moghimi, Butimar


Bahman Kiarostami

Camera Man:

Morteza Poursamadi, Jeff Roberts, Bahman Kiarostami


Bahman Kiarostami


Reza Derakhshani


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