The wandering seed only-هاشور

The wandering seed only

17 minute


language: Farsi | Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

The documentary the wandering seed only shows that there are two aspects of stillness and motion in human life at the same time. The face of stillness is like a thoughtful and patient old age, and the face of the movement is like a lively and energetic youth that whom the two interact with each other. The human personality is perfected from the existence of both of them and the viewer is set free to think about this issue. The structure of this documentary has been formed by using the images of two painting workshops in the Maat Gallery and combining them with poetry and music. The painters in this documentary are: Ali Nedayi, Ali Zakeri, Ahmad Vakili, Saghar Pezeshkian, Reza Hedayat, Taraneh Sadeghian, Hossein Ali Zabihi, and Behzad Javadanfard is stood as a model in front of their canvas.


Arash Raisian


Arash Raisian


Mohammad Tolouei


Arash Raisian


Arash Raisian


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