The chickens scream in late autumn-هاشور

The chickens scream in late autumn

96 minute

Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

On weekends, Shohreh's house is a hangout for her friends. Meanwhile, Mr. "In" - a very fat man - dies one night in the toilet of the house. They try to pull his body out of the toilet. The second problem is getting his body out of the house. Haleh, one of Shohreh's friends, has a solution for this. The old man who owns the house arrives to visit.


Majid Seddiqi


Mojtaba Spanani

Camera Man:

Mojtaba Spanani


Manna Mihan


Shohreh Mousavi, Amin Panahi, Ramin Samani, Esmail Salmani, Samaneh Ghasemi, Mohammad Shishe forosh, Morteza Reihani.


Ali Kazemi Nejad


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