The Daughter of Farmanfarma-هاشور

The Daughter of Farmanfarma

Iran |

The documentary "The Daughter of Farmanfarma" narrates the story of Maryam Firoz, the sister of Nusrat al Dawlah Firoz and the daughter of Abdul Hossein Farmanfarma (granddaughter of Abbas Mirza, the famous ruler, minister, and prime minister of the Qajar period and one of the first-rate financiers of Iran), who lived a life full of ups and downs in her social and personal life. This documentary deals with these ups and downs in her own words at the age of 95.


Mohammadhassan Damanzan


Mohammadhassan Damanzan


Farzad Tohidi

Camera Man:

Alireza Amir Ahmadi


Hossein Alizadeh


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