Shir Pooshan-هاشور

Shir Pooshan

12 minute


Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

This documentary represents the lion-wearing ceremony in Yazd, which is based on the idea that; After the Ashura incident, a lion came to the bodies of the dead and cried for them. In this ceremony, a person dressed as a lion reconstructs the event. The fame of this day among Shiites is due to the events of Ashura in the year 61 AH. On this day, Hussain - the third imam of the Shiites - and his companions were killed in the Karbala incident in the war with Omar Saad's army. Shiites mourn on this day. Sunnis consider Ashura as the anniversary of the day when Moses parted the Red Sea and he and his followers crossed it, and they consider this day to be honored, and fasting on this day is a tradition.


Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Narges Abyar

Camera Man:

Ehsan Dadras, Jamal Dehghan, Hadi Dehghan


Ramtin Lavafi

Voice over:

Arash Ghasemi


Narges Abyar


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