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The documentary pilgrimage shows that until the fall of the Iraqi government, 3,000 Shiite Muslims crossed the Iraqi border every day despite the threat of mines, assassinations, and deaths due to water shortages and starvation. They risked their lives for one reason only: to reach the holy city of Karbala, eighty kilometers south of Baghdad, and to visit the glorious shrine of Imam Hussein. From the point of view of foreign observers, the intense desire of these pilgrims for Imam Hussein and Karbala puts the Iranian government in great danger. Tehran is constantly reviewing its immigration policies. The Iranian government periodically opens and then closes its borders. While people are dying and chaos reigns at this crossing point. 


Bahman Kiarostami


Bahman Kiarostami

Camera Man:

Bahman Kiarostami, Mitra Farahani


Keyvan Jahanshahi


Mitra Farahani


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