Mr. Moderator 2: Diary of a lyricist-هاشور

Mr. Moderator 2: Diary of a lyricist

113 minute


Iran |

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My score is not great, well, to be honest, it's catastrophic. To be more honest: awful, horrible, and in one sentence: it 's bad, it's bad. The first third of my life was all repetition of the same pleasure of knowing. One morning, like my peers, I realized for no reason that the color of the sea was blue, or that the world's numbers were not more than ten. The second third of my life, however, I wrote my wishes so fast that someone was informed about it, not angry about it. The result was double suffering and constant sorrow. The third third of my life remains


Farzad Farahvashi


Farzad Farahvashi


Farzad Farahvashi, Mohammadreza Alaie


Farzad Farahvashi

Camera Man:

Farzad Farahvashi


Faraz Shojaei


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