Kiarostami and his missing cane-هاشور

Kiarostami and his missing cane

language: Farsi | Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

The 90-minute feature film "Kiarostami and the Lost Cane" is a narrative of Kiarostami's view of life and cinema, in which Mahmoud Thani sought the vision of an author for four years during Kiarostami's film workshops in Spain and Colombia. , Depict the perspective and worldview of the late filmmaker. Before making the feature-length documentary "Kiarostami and the Lost Cane", Mahmoud Reza Sani wrote the book "Abbas Kiarostami and Lessons from Cinema", which has been translated into various languages and published and distributed in Iran and the United States.


Behrooz Neshan


Mahmoud Reza Sani

Camera Man:

Mahmoud Reza Sani


Mahmoud Reza Sani


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