Forgotten people-هاشور

Forgotten people

Iran |

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The documentary "Forgotten People" is about how the Sabians lived in the city of Ahvaz and their interaction with other residents of the city and they are uncharted in their homeland. The Sabians are the followers of John the Baptist. They have been living along the Karun River in Ahvaz since ancient times. All Mandaeans rituals are formed in connection with the river, from baptism to feasts and weddings. By making this film and publishing a photo book photographed by him, the director has visually introduced these people to the Iranian and world community.


Abbas Tahvildar


Abbas Tahvildar


Abbas Tahvildar


Masoud Forouzandeh

Camera Man:

Abbas Tahvildar, Reza Jalali


Siavash Zahedi, Davood Yousefian


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