Dolls do not know-هاشور

Dolls do not know

50 minute


Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

The film is based on two main characters who are assembled in one episode.
1. An Iranian girl who has gone through the stages of marriage at a young age and is now 23 years old.
2. An Afghan girl who is now 11 years old and has just entered the stage of living at a young age.
In general, this documentary examines the causes of marriage of girls at a young age, the main of which is economic poverty and the wrong culture and customs of families, and then the sufferings and problems that these people face. Pictured.


Nava Rezvani, Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Nava Rezvani


Nava Rezvani

Camera Man:

Mohammadreza Teymouri


Nava Rezvani


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