Chicheka Lullaby-هاشور

Chicheka Lullaby

97 minute

Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

"Chi Chaka", which means "Lullaby" in Bandar Abbasi, is a musical and ethnographic documentary.
The film narrates the challenging life of Hormozgani "Ebrahim Monsefi". He accompanied his native rhythms and songs with the guitar and sang songs of love, suffering and freedom.
"Chi Chaka Lullaby" opens a window to the south of Iran; It represents the local and contemporary music of Bandar Abbas and depicts the customs of the people of this region.


Raha Faridi, Ara Faridi


Raha Faridi

Camera Man:

Raha Faridi


Raha Faridi


Raha Faridi


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