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language: Farsi | Iran |

The documentary Band-aid is a narrator of kindness. Where painting becomes a language to express kindness. Ali Zakeri, a contemporary painter, brings with him more than a thousand children, several professional painters, and various altruistic people, organizations, and institutes to send a message of kindness and sympathy to the other side of Iran, to the children affected by the earthquake in East Azerbaijan. Children and painters paint on canvases and band-aids and put them up for auction with the proceeds, they send gifts to the children of Azerbaijan. Although this does not solve any problem of the earthquake victims' livelihood, it is a band-aid on their painful wounds with the fragrance of kindness from the other side of Iran. This documentary is full of special moments that happened in the world of children during this project and also shows the unique upbringing that the children participating in this project experienced.


Arash Raisian


Arash Raisian


Arash Raisian

Camera Man:

Arash Raisian


Arash Raisian


Shoresh Ranaei


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