Architecture of the 70s: from Mirmiran to Shirdel-هاشور

Architecture of the 70s: from Mirmiran to Shirdel

113 minute


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A special article about the cultural and artistic developments in the "70s" has been prepared in the magazine "Profession: Artist" and this conversation is about the architectural developments of the 70s. Reza Daneshmir (architect and teacher), Alireza Taghabani (architect and teacher), Yaser Musapour (architect, teacher and critic) talked about the experiences and concerns of the architect and the revival of the character of the architect in those years; From the discourse of identity and dealing with architecture and ideology, from the influential role of Hadi Mirmiran and the idea of native modernism to the presence of Bahram Shirdel and the new flow of architecture and its combination with theory. It talks about the importance of design competitions and academies' projects, and continues about the role of specialized magazines, educational spaces and the importance of computer and technology in the work of architectural design. This conversation was held in the spring of 1402 in the office of the magazine "Professional: Artist" with the support of Sarai Gallery. After watching this video, we suggest that you also watch other discussions about the 70s in the "audio-audio" section of the profession: artist website.


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