Ak Ap As

Ak Ap As

Iran |

Ak Ap As is about Kalpurgan pottery. The 5,000-year-old and global art of Baluch women and volcanoes is a rare geological phenomenon in Chabahar. The filmmaker says: "Considering that I myself wanted to introduce these areas in the best way, I went to produce a poetic and delicate documentary with philosophical subtexts."
This is a form-oriented and ethnographic documentary that relies on the language of the image and does not use any dialogue.
Although many films have been made about Kalpurgan pottery, in Ak Ap As in addition to showing the traditional texture, we also achieve other meanings.


Mohammad Ali Hashem Zehi, Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Mohammad Ali Hashem Zehi


Abdullah Shukri, Arash Zahedi Asl

Camera Man:

Cirrus Badruj


Hassan Shabankareh


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