Ahmad Agha Naranji Posh-هاشور

Ahmad Agha Naranji Posh

49 minute


Iran |

subtitles: No Subtitle

The documentary "Ahmed Agha" is the story of Ahmed Rabbani, a sweeper who found a billion bag and returned it to its owner. What Ahmed Rabbani - a 39-year-old sweeper of Bojnoord Region one municipality - did was admired by everyone. When the man in orange was doing his duty and sweeping the street, he found the bag of one billion tomans and returned it to its owner with the help of the municipal guard, saving him from sorrow and anxiety. Ahmad Agha is turned into Iran's national hero by the media, but there are other questions. Is the truth what is stated in the media or are there other issues in between? Is Ahmed Agha himself a victim of media controversy?


Seyed Hamed Nobari, Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Seyed Hamed Nobari


Mehdi Kherad, Seyed Hamed Nobari

Camera Man:

Seyed Hossein Taheri, Kamran Nourbakhsh


Shahrooz Tavakol


Ahmad Adineh


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