The story of the Boulevard-هاشورThe story of the Boulevard-هاشور

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The story of the Boulevard

40 minute

language: Farsi | Iran |

subtitles: English,

"Story of the Boulevard" about Keshavarz Boulevard is one of the most famous streets in Tehran, which was built in 1339. The film is a sort of line of history, narration and events, with all its ups and downs, with all its aspirations, the path that turns the street into our collective ... Rewards - Winner of Honorary Diploma in Art and Experience from the International Truth Festival 2017 - The best documentary on the subject of Tehran in the 2009 city festival - Diploma of Honor for the best documentary in the 40th year of Tehran Image Festival of 1399


Rush Visual Arts


Davood Ashrafi


Davood Ashrafi, Roya Forouhar


Davood Ashrafi


Davood Ashrafi


Hossein Sarfi


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