The dream of the sun

The dream of the sun

45 minute


Iran |

The film "Dream of the Sun" is a narrative of love in Persian songs that has its own color, smell and logic in the background and social and historical background in musical works of each period.
In examining the trend of romantic poetry and music in Iranian songs, this documentary tries to find reasons for the deviation of the lyrics of the songs from the romantic path and its peak and low.
In this film, he talks with some songwriters, poets and composers, such as Mahour Ahmadi, Shahkar Bineshpajooh, Simin Behbahani, Khatereh Parvaneh, Nasser Cheshmeh Azar, Peri Zanganeh, Fouad Hejazi, Alireza Assar and Mohammad Sarir.


Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Nasser Saffarian


Payam Parsa, Nasser Saffarian

Camera Man:

Babak Bazrafshan

Sound recordists:

Babak Salek, Mehrdad Dadgari


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