Millennial charmers

Millennial charmers

Iran |

The Enchanters of the Millennium is a historical review of the art of Iran with the magic of the image, the initial beginning and continuation of its growth and development over time in the form of paintings and paintings of different eras with details of life such as love, worship, feasts and current battles. It is displayed. The connection and continuity of these works is reflected in the general view of the social life of Iranians in their historical ups and downs.
This documentary begins with images of nature inside a cave and shows the most primitive human remains and paintings on the cave walls. This is followed by the depiction of works of art from different historical periods, along with sounds that indicate that they are alive, and the concepts and meanings that are hidden in them. Like, empathy, mysticism and love.


Reza Darianush


Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Reza Darianush


Reza Darianush

Camera Man:

Reza Darianush, Ramin Eshragh

Voice over:

Behrooz Shahamat


Aminullah Hossein


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