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The documentary Lady takes a look at the life and works of Ms. "Lilith Trian", the most leading and artistic Iranian sculptor, who is one of the first teachers in this field to be recognized academically in Iran. After returning to Tehran, he taught in the faculties of decorative arts from 1339-59 (1980-80).
He has been teaching professionally in art schools for 23 years. In the first years of the Revolution (1980), due to changes in the educational system, his experiences were no longer used in colleges, and finally during the years 1371-78 (1992-99) he began to teach in the field of design and sculpture at the Islamic Azad University.The statue of Yapram Khan in the grounds of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali St. in Tehran and the memorial statue of Masrup Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet, in the grounds of the Tarkmanchats Church in Tehran are among Ms. Trian's works.


Mohammad Safa


Mohammad Safa, Documentary and Experimental Cinema Development Center


Hamid Fanaei

Camera Man:

Mohammad Safa


Amin Sharifi


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